Areas of ornithological interest

This is a selection of ideal locations for birding in Navarra. These spots have been chosen because a good number of interesting bird species frequent them, they provide good watching conditions, easy access and because they allow for birding without disturbing or putting birds at risk. They also offer many more natural values (fauna, flora and geology) and are of outstanding natural beauty.

The set of these locations covers almost all of the bird species found in Navarra over the yearly cycle.


The growing ornithological tourism sector means that more and more professionals and tourists are practicing it every year, and this increase in the public implies a greater risk for the conservation of some species of birds, especially those most wanted, which in many cases are the more scarce and / or more threatened.

That is the reason for the origin of this code of good practices.

For the elaboration of this code of ethics, the Manual of Good Practices of SEO / BirdLife has been taken into account, directed mainly to professionals of the sector, as well as the most up-to-date information, collected through its European project Birdtourise.

Different European countries of the Mediterranean area present the same problems derived from an inadequate practice of birdwatching: the use of claims to attract birds, visits to nests and colonies, the photography of birds with live bait or photography without keeping safe distances in certain species or in nests, the harassment to see some birds, etc., behaviors that can bring stress to the animals and even in some cases compromise the reproductive success of some species, which in the long run can end up having a negative impact on their conservation (especially the most sensitive birds and those most threatened species, which are often the most sought after by some birdwatchers).

Therefore, all the information that allows to minimize these behaviors and facilitate the enjoyment of birds without generating negative impacts is important for the training of the sector.