Delta Birding Festival 2018

Posted Monday August 20, 2018 by Birding Navarra

This is the fourth consecutive year that the Ebro Delta, one of the most important natural places in the Western Mediterranean, hosts a wide and attractive program of activities with lectures, courses, workshops, contests and others coupled with a large fair of products and services for the birder and people who enjoy nature as a whole.

2018 is the year of consolidation of the only bird festival in Catalonia. In addition, the DBF still is the only Spanish festival that sets aside the profit of ticket selling to a project related to the study and conservation of birds and nature. This year the financial contribution will be dedicated in a research project to study the migration routes of European Turtle Dove.

The European Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur) has suffered a sharp decline in their populations largely due to the excessive hunting pressure that suffer throughout their migratory routes. Being one of the most abundant birds in rural areas of much of Europe, now is becoming increasingly rare and there are some studies that indicate that it might end up being extinct, as happened with the Passenger Pigeon in North America in the last century.

The festival has reached a renowned prestige among birders as a result of the category of its invited lecturers and the large number of scheduled activities such as boat trips, visits to some of the strict nature reserves of the Delta, workshops, etc. and the large number of exhibitors, highlighting the wide participation of all major brands of optics and photography and numerous stands of products and services.

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The Delta Birding Festival will take place in MónNatura Delta a set of facilities of the FCLP located in the Ebro delta, surrounded by a landscape of rice fields and lagoons in one of the most important wetlands in Western Europe. Here, land blends with water and creates an ideal environment for a rich wildlife, especially water birds.

The FCLP restored the grounds of the old salt pans of La Tancada, that extended over an area of ​​41.2 hectares, and has created an interpretive center that allows visitors to learn about the value of this area.

The Delta Birding Festival will be hosted in the facilities of MónNatura Delta, using the existing buildings and services and will be expanded by adding a number of marquees where most of the activities and the fair itself will take place.

How to get there


Friday 21st, from 16:00 to 20:30

Saturday 22nd, from 9:30 to 20:30 (non-stop)

Sunday 23rd, from 9:30 to 15:00

Who promotes it?

ORYX, the shop that specializes in birding optics, equipment and natural history books, is the main promoter of the Delta Birding Festival. To widen the Festival’s scope, Oryx has teamed up with the Catalan Institute of Ornithology (ICO) and the Fundació Catalunya – la Pedrera(FCLP) for this event.

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